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LoopMe Opt Out

Effective August 25, 2022

LoopMe Opt Out
LoopMe supports initiatives to offer our users greater transparency and control over the uses of their information. Please read our Privacy Notice for further details about how LoopMe uses your data. You can opt-out of receiving targeted ads from LoopMe on your Device (by entering your Google Advertising ID (AAID) or your Apple Advertising ID (IDFA) below ) or browser by opting out below:
"Device" includes, mobile device, laptop and Connected Television (CTV) devices.

Alternative Opt Out Options

  • Mobile Application Opt-Out
Simply update your mobile device settings to opt-out of LoopMe ads on your mobile applications.
iOS Devices: Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking
Android Devices: Google Settings App > Ads > Opt Out of Interest-based Advertising



Opt Out Rights under California Consumer Privacy Act

LoopMe does not sell your personal information for money. LoopMe, however, may transfer some of your personal information to our third-party partners, for example, so that they can help serve ads more likely to interest you. To opt-out of this transfer, please click on the browser and mobile “opt out” buttons above. LoopMe’s Privacy Policy further describes how LoopMe collects, uses and shares your personal information.




  • Our tracking mechanisms operate at the Device and browser level, to fully opt-out across devices, you will need to do so on each device and browser individually.
  • Please note you may still see advertisements, if you opt-out or delete your data, but those adverts will not be tailored to your interests.